Ghost Rider VS Doctor Strange Story and their powers

Ghost Rider vs Doctor Strange

Hello Superheroes fans, as you know Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange are very famous in entire world for their powers. Hence, Marvel fans always want to know about of their story and their unbelievable powers. So friends, today we will know about of a story of Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange in this article. Apart from this, we will do a comparison between Ghost Rider vs Doctor Strange. For this comparison, we will use a comic book, that’s name Classic Ghost Rider. Classic Ghost Rider is very famous comic series. It is written by Daniel Way and he is the most famous writer of MCU . So guys, if you are interested to know about of Ghost Rider vs Doctor Strange. Then read our this article carefully. So friends, let’s move our main topic.

Ghost Rider vs Doctor strange story

As we know Johnny Blaze is Ghost Rider. So once upon a time, when Johnny Blaze was in the hell and he wants to escape from there. But the guard of there’s do not want to leave him, hence he was sad. And after a while, he made a plan to escape from hell and he gets success. After that, when he reached on the earth so he gone a petrol pump for bathing and shaving. And after a while, Devil comes to bring him to hell and they both fight on there but Ghost Rider won in the fight.

After a while, Doctor strange came there to stop him. And he said, stop this fighting because many people has dead because of your fight. Johnny Blaze knows him but he thoughts, he is not Doctor strange but he is Devil and it’s a trap for me. And they were ready to fight with each other. When, Johnny Blaze attacked with his flaming chain on the Strange, then Strange attacked with his lightning power on Johnny Blaze. After a while, Johnny Blaze has killed Strange with help of his killing eyes.

In this comic story, Strange does not want to kill Johnny Blaze but johnny blaze definitely wanted to kill him. I think, hence Johnny Blaze won the fight.

Power of Johnny Blaze and the Doctor Strange

If we talk about of their powers, so i think, Strange could win the battle. Because he can send him to other realms. As we know, Johnny Blaze cannot control his self in form of Ghost Rider. But opposite this, Strange can control his any powers in any form. We hope, you like our this article. If you want to know more information so stay tuned with our website


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