Is there any new Power Rangers movie coming out

new power rangers movie

New power rangers movie coming out

Nowadays, superhero movies are very famous in the entire world due to their amazing stories and interesting scene. In the 2019, Avengers end game is one of the most famous superhero movie. And he earned lots of money at Box office. Marvel was started his Avengers movie series in the 2012 from Iron man movie. And now any movie can not defeat Avengers movie. Because, it is ruling on hearts of audience. But due to this, according to a new report Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro has decided to make a new power rangers movie. Because they can achieve more success like Avengers movie from this movie.

And now, if you are a big fan of power rangers series. So this question will be circulating in your mind that Is there any new power rangers movie coming out. Then guys, we have a simple answer for your this question. yes, its new movie can be released very soon. So friends in this post, we will discuss about its new movie. If you are excited to know about of power rangers new movie. So without wasting any single seconds of your lets start it.

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Interesting facts about power rangers series

Power Rangers movie and series are very famous in the entire world and it was released in 2017 in America. But due to some reason, this movie could not achieve success at Box-office. this movie came with 105 million budget and grossed only 142 million worldwide. Because of this, creaters had abandoned this series in the middle. And they had decided they will never launch any movie of this in the future. But now, because of some reason they are excited to make new movie of Power Rangers. We hope, this movie will be release late 2021 and it will show his magic like other superhero movies.

It is the most important thing about of this movie, when this movie was released. Then audience thought it is like transformer movie and many people does not like to watch transformer movie. And after that this movie was floped. But we should not forget that, it is one of the most famous superhero series in the world. And it is available almost all languages and i think it is able to attract audience. However in the 2017, It was also a box office disappointment. But its need some improvements. If this movie will be release in the late of 2020 so will you see this. Or you are not excited for this movie. If you are excited for this movie so please comment in the comment box section. And if you liked this article and you want to know more information about like this. So stay tuned with our brightcinema entertainment website. So guys, we will back very soon with the next topic. If you want know any information about any movies so you can comment in the comment box section.


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