Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel who is more powerful?


Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel

Hello super friends, Today’s article is between Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel. in this article we will know, who is more powerful Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel. As you know, these both character are very famous in marvel comic universe and many people interested to know, who is more powerful in both? If there will be fight between Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel, so who will be winner? If you are interested to know so please read our full article. I think, you will be know. who is more powerful character between Scarlet Witch vs Captain Marvel.

So super friends, in this article we will do comparison between Marvel movie and marvel comic. So first, we will start this comparison from movie.

friends first of all, we have seen the Scarlet witch in avengers age of Ultron movie. In the ‘age of Ultron’ movie, robot Ultron was doing reverse experiment with mind stone. Because of which, we have got to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in avengers movie. In the an accident of ‘avengers age of Ultron’ movie, Quicksilver has died to protect hokai. Quicksilver is brother of Scarlett wich, i mean Wanda.

Scarlet Witch is a most powerful member of avengers team. Who manipulated the mind of all Avengers superheroes in the Avengers age of Ultron movie. In the avengers movie, we have seen the power of Scarlet Witch and marvel fans definitely knows. What can do the Scarlett witch with her powers in any MCU movie or comics.

Scarlet witch has telekinesis powers, energy manipulation, and neuroelectric power. Neuroelectric power helps her to read mind of any superhero or supervillain in MCU.
In the ‘avengers infinity war’ movie, Scarlet witch destroyed mind stone with help of her only one single hand. As you will be know definitely, how many powerful is Scarlett witch? Scarlet witch can lift any heavy Accessories with her mind powers without using her single hand.

Scarlett witch main powers

if we will talk about Scarlet witch in MCU comic book. So, she is an omega level character in comic books. Do you know what is Omega level character in comic books? omega level character can change reality of world with his Powers.

Captain marvel

Captain marvel, i mean Carol Danvers was an average and shay from childhood. She was born in ordinary family with no super power. When Carol Danvers completed her high school. After that, she joined air Force. After this she gets opportunity to work with Logan (wolverine) and Nick furry.

Some time latter, Carol Danvers gets opportunity to work with NASA. In which, she was work as a security captain. After a long time, she meet with a Kree soldier Mar-Vell and now they was a good friends. Some time later, another aliens has kidnapped Carol Danvers. When Kree soldier Mar-Vell hears it, he goes to save her. Then after reaching there, Kree soldier Mar-Vell fights with the aliens. After that Carol Danvers is injured in an energy blast and because of Kree soldier Mar-Vell her DNA is changed and Kree soldier Mar-Vell dies.

After some time, when Carol Danvers knows about her powers. So she changes her name to Captain Marvel. After that, she fight against with crime.

Captain marvel super powers

Captain marvel has invulnerability and with help of superhuman strength, she can easily fight with most powerful superheroes like hulk and thor. She can also fly earth to others planet. She is a great leader because she was an air force captain.

I think, if Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel fight on Earth, Scarlet Witch can win. Because she can manuplate captain Marvel’s mind. If both fight in another planet, so Captain Marvel will win. Because she has fought so many battles in space and he can easily beat Scarlet Witch on it.

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