Silver Surfer powers and abilities?


Silver Surfer powers

Silver Surfer is a most powerful character of MCU comic book. Which, we have seen in the Fantastic 4 movie in the 2007. If you have seen him in the Fantastic 4 movie, so i hope you will be know about of Silver Surfer. I think, we don’t need to know about of silver surfer. Because he is one of the most famous and powerful superhero of MCU comic books and MCU movies. So friends, in this article, today we will know about of Silver Surfer powers and origin story. Apart from this we will also know about of his powerful silver boat. So friends, let’s move on our main topic.

Silver Surfer origin story

If we will talk about history of Silver Surfer, so at first, MCU introduced him in comic book of ‘fantastic 4’ issue 144 in 1996. According to the MCU comic books, at first Silver surfer was not powerful like this time. And his name was not Silver Surfer but his name was Norrin Radd. Norrin Radd lived in a planet, which name was Zenn-La. In this comic book, Zenn-La planet is very peaceable planet and the peoples of there very peaceaful. There was nothing crime in Zenn-La planet. But when Galactus came on there, then everything changed. Do you want to know why? So let’s go and read next paragraph.

Galactus is a destroyer of planet, who eats planet and Galactus comes to eat Zenn-La planet. After a while, Norrin Radd requested him to give back. Norrin Radd said, you hand over my Zenn-La planet, then in return i will search better planet for you and i will become your servant. After that, Galactus accepted his request and Galactus has given him most powerful Powers and the name of Silver Surfer. We will know about of Silver Surfer Powers in the next paragraph. If you want to know so get ready to read next paragraph.

Most powerful Powers of Silver Surfer

According to the MCU comic creators, Silver Surfer is second most powerful character of MCU comic books and movies. He has cosmic Powers, which using he can read thoughts of any Superheroes or villains of MCU. He can survive in black hole easily and he can ‘time travel’, when he want. Apart from this, he has a powerful silver boat, which is conected with his mind. Silver Surfer can call his silver boat on anywhere with help of his mind. He does not need food, water, air, or sleep, he can live millions of years without anything.

Silver Surfer can fly faster than light and he can energy blast with his hands. Apart from this, he can store any missile in his silver board, which we have seen in the Fantastic 4 movie. Silver Surfer is more powerful than incredible ‘hulk’. He can easily beat hulk because he can absorbe Gama rediation. Silver surfer always searches planet for his owner Galactus. I hope, may be MCU introduce Silver Surfer movie in 2020.

So guys, as far as i know, i have written article about of Silver Surfer origin story. If you are liked this article and you want to know more information about like this. So you can stay tuned with our website. And don’t forget to share our this post to your family and friends.


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