Superman vs Thor. Who will win in a fight?


Superman vs Thor

Hello super friends, our today’s article is interesting. Because, this comparison is between the most strongest superhero MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe) and DCU (Detective Comics Universe). In which, there is man of steel ‘Superman’ and at the other side the God of thunder ‘Thor’. So friends, first of all we will do comparison between comic version, after that we will also do it between MCU and DCU. Friends if you are interested to know who is more powerful between Superman vs Thor so please read our full article. After reading this article, i hope you will be know who is more powerful between Superman vs Thor .

So friends, first of all we will do comparison in comic version. Guys actually we will skip origins story of these both superheroes. Because, most probably people know about origins of man of steel Superman and God of thunder Thor.

Superman Powers

If we will talk about man of steel Superman. So he has super strength, super speed, super durability, super hearing and super smell. Apart from this, he can defend against his enemies with help of freeze breath, hit vision and solar erection. Apart from that, Superman also is an incredible and intelligent super human of DCU (Detective Comics Universe).

Superman most powerful superpowers

If we talk about most powerful superpowers of Superman. So, Superman can move our earth very easily to another place. In the DCU (Detective Comics Universe) comic, he had destroyed entire galaxy with help of his sneeze. Superman can use his biggest power super speed against Thor. Superman can travel faster than Light and it is also fourth fastest Superhero of DC (Detective Comics Universe). Superman and Flash’s speed are shem. Superman can destroy easily his any enemies without using his all powers. In DC (Detective Comics Universe), any super villains or Superheros can’t beat Superman.

God of thunder Thor

Thor is not only mightiest superhero of the earth, but he is one of the most strongest being human of entire universe. Thor is one of the most stronger asgardian in Asgard and he is not only protector of Asgard but he is protector of nine realms. Thor is an immortal being and the weapons of the earth are useless in front of God of thunder Thor. Because they cannot destroy him. he is also one of the most powerful fighter of Asgard.

Thor is not only strong, but his soul is also most powerful. Apart from this, he has most powerful weapon mjolnir. Due to this, the power of Thor increases very much. With help of mjolnir, he can controls on lightning weather and he can fly like Superman. In the Avengers infinity war movie, Thor has changed the battle of wakanda with help of stormbreaker. Apart from this, Thor has almost finished ‘thanos’ in avengers infinity war movie.

So friends, we have told you everything about man of steel Superman and God of thunder Thor in this article. So now you can tell me in comment box section. That who is more powerful between Superman vs Thor. If you liked our this post and you want to know more information about like this. So stay tuned with and don’t forget to share this post in your family or friends.


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