x men jean grey powers and her origine story


Hello guys, are you fan of Marvel comic books or movies? And you love Superheroes like Thor, Ironman, hulk and another one most famous superhero Spiderman. So i am sure that, you definitely love X-men movie series. If you know about of X-men movie so you will be also know about of x-men jean grey. If you don’t know about of jean grey and her powers, so i will explain you everything in this post about of x-men jean grey. As you know jean grey is most powerful female mutant of x-men series. Anybody can’t win with jean grey because she is a first class mutant and first class mutant is very powerful.

Jean Grey biography

John Grey was a professor at ‘Bard College’ in upstate New York and he lives with his wife Elaine Grey and daughters. John Grey has two young daughter, one of the name of Sara Grey-Bailey and another is Jean Elaine Grey. Sara Grey-Bailey is ordinary but Jean Elaine Grey is not ordinary, she is born with superhuman abilities. She has telepathic and telekinetic powers. When the best friend of Jean Grey dead in a car accident then at first time the powers of Jean Grey activated. At the same time, her parents are gone afraid.

After a while, her parents search for the help of powerful mutant telepath, Charles Xavier. Xavier blocks telepathy powers of Jean Grey until she is old enough to be able to control it, after that Jean Grey could use only to her telekinetic powers. Some time later, Xavier appoints her as a teenager to be part of his X-Men team as “Marvel Girl”, she was the first female member of X-Men team. After many missions with the X-Men team, Xavier removes mental blocks of Jean and now she could use and control her telepathic powers. After some time, She starts a relationship with teammate Cyclops, which persists as her main romantic relationship, although in the comic book, her love story could not go longer.

Powers of X-MEN Jean Grey

When, Jean knows about of her telepathic Powers then she is not able control her powers. After help of most powerful mutant telepath Charles Xavier she could control her Powers. Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant character of Marvel comic book, and at her highest and strongest potential was fully merged with the Phoenix Force after that she able to defeat even Galactus. Notably, jean Grey was a most veteran warrior of X-MEN team.

Jean Grey as an “alpha level telepath”, she can know and read the thoughts of others humans or mutants. She can store her own thoughts into minds of humans and mutants. Jean is also one of the all those telepaths skilled enough to talk with animals such as dolphins, dogs, and ravens. As a side effect of Jean telepathy, she has an eidetic memory.

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